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Table with Play Dough and Dinosaurs 4 Colors


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Table with Play Dough and Dinosaurs 4 Colors

The presented art set for a child consists of a large number of elements. The toy is very simple and intuitive to use. Plastic mass is a universal toy that can interest and encourage the baby to play, but also de-stress older family members – siblings or parents. The big advantage of the set is the ability to mix together individual colors of dough, which can result in a completely different color and let you get more fun with it. The theme of the set is a prehistoric area with dinosaurs. Ciastoline is extremely plastic, allows precise execution of even very small elements and can be used many times. Dry, left overnight in a container with a little water, returns to its original properties. The fun starts again! Play with dough develops manual skills, hand-eye coordination, stimulates the child’s imagination and creativity in creating spatial forms. Make dinosaurs out of dough.

Cheerful fun using the classic play dough and table will stimulate the toddler’s creativity and imagination. This set will bring great joy to all children, especially those who love prehistoric dinosaurs. An additional advantage of the set is the light effect, the volcano with lava attached to the set, glows red.

Elements of the set:

– 2 table legs
– table top
– 4 pieces of dough in yellow, red, green, brown
– volcano with glowing lava
– 3 dinosaurs, each with a different function
– 3 eggs to create dinosaurs
– set of stickers
– two elements for making prepositional elements

Table dimensions:

45 cm x 27.5 cm x 24 cm

Size of the package:

47 cm x 10 cm x 57 cm

The table is powered by three AA 1.5 V batteries, which are not included in the set. The set is intended for children over 3 years of age. The toys are CE certified and comply with the EN 71 standard. They are packed in a colorful box, making them suitable as a gift for a child.

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