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Set of Wooden Letters Pictures Magnets 26 Pieces


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Set of Wooden Letters Pictures Magnets 26 Pieces

A set of wooden magnets is an educational toy that contains 26 colorful magnets, each representing a different letter of the alphabet and a corresponding object that begins with a given letter. The magnets are made of high-quality wood, which ensures their durability and safety during play.

Thanks to this set, your child can interactively explore the alphabet and learn to recognize letters. Each magnet is carefully designed to capture your child’s attention and encourage them to learn through play. For example, the letter “A” may be depicted with a picture of an apple (apple), and the letter “K” with a picture of keys (keyss).

Magnets can be easily attached to metal surfaces such as a refrigerator or a magnetic board, allowing your child to create words and simple sentences. Playing with magnets helps develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and enriches vocabulary and language skills.

The set is stored in a wooden box, which not only facilitates its organization, but also protects the magnets against loss or damage. Thanks to this box, all the elements of the set are always in their place, which makes it even easier to play and clean up afterward.

A set of wooden magnets is a great teaching aid that will work well both at home and in kindergarten. It encourages creativity and at the same time introduces elements of learning into the child’s everyday play.

Size of the package:

28cm x 12cm x 3cm

It is CE certified and complies with the EN71 standard. Intended for children over 3 years of age.

Dodatne informacije

Težina 0,34 kg
Ilość w kartonie wewnętrznym

96 szt.

Pieces per Cartoon

96 szt.


Nieodpowiednie dla dzieci w wieku poniżej 3 lat





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