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Large Cleaning Set Trolley Lots of Accessories


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Large Cleaning Set Trolley Lots of Accessories

By choosing our colourful cleaning set, you will easily combine enjoyable fun with a useful task, familiarising your child with household chores. And if your little one is already eager to help you clean up at home, bestow her with her own equipment consisting of the most important elements.

The sensational accessories that make up the toy cleaning set are a faithful copy of their full-size models, allowing your child to feel more independent and grown-up by cleaning together with their parents or older siblings. It is also a great addition to the playroom or nursery.

A toy trolley filled with various cleaning tools is a great gift idea. While having fun, the child will learn how to properly sweep and mop the floor or vacuum the carpet.

The multi-piece set is sure to capture the attention of any toddler, encouraging them to do household chores. With such a set of numerous accessories, playing with real cleaning won’t be an unpleasant chore as your little one will learn this through play from an early age.

This 14-piece cleaning set is equipped with a hoover that makes realistic sounds while playing, sucking up balls that imitate rubbish. These end up in a transparent container where they whirl playfully, but can be reused. The children’s hoover is equipped with an ON/OFF switch and power indicator light, as well as a flexible tube, suction cup and a handy handle that can make it easy for children to carry the equipment.

The cleaning kit includes:

– wheeled trolley,
– hoover
– mop,
– a small and a large broom,
– imitation rubbish,
– imitation glass cleaner,
– imitation floor cleaner,
– imitation cleansing milk,
– imitation dishwashing liquid,
– sponge.

Dimensions of the trolley:

– height: 50 cm,

– width: 28 cm,

– depth of shelves: 25 cm.

Hoover dimensions:

– length: 19 cm,

– length of tube with suction cup: 77 cm,

– width: 13 cm,

– height: 10 cm.

Packaging dimensions:

50 cm x 36 cm x 15 cm

The cleaning set is packaged in an aesthetically pleasing colourful suitcase-type box, making it ideal as a gift. To run all the functions of the toy, it needs to be powered by 3 AA 1.5 V batteries, which are not included.


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