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Dinosaur Remote Controlled R / C Green with Sound Lays Eggs Projector


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Dinosaur Remote Controlled R / C Green With Sound, Lays Eggs

The toy is a perfect representation of the huge Tyrannosaurus, which lived about 125-100 million years ago. It was almost 15 meters high and weighed almost 9 tons. Interactive toys not only provide children with entertainment, but also gradually teach them how to use the most modern electronic devices. They improve coordination and precision.

Tyrannosaurus Rex has a large skull as well as a massive, muscular structure, large white teeth. The entire length of the dinosaur is 54 cm! Its color scheme is green with black elements and its structure perfectly resembles a real dinosaur. An additional effect is given by glowing scales on the head of a dinosaur in different colors, the mounted projector with a photo of a real tyrannosaur gives an even more realistic feeling. The product is equipped with a loudspeaker through which you can hear sounds imitating sounds made by dinosaurs. The remote control showing a dinosaur hatching from an egg, looks interesting and presents itself on the shelf of a small explorer of prehistoric creatures. When steering, the dinosaur moves forward, moves its head, mouth and paws. Another advantage is egg laying! There is a hole on the back where we put the eggs in and they come out from underneath, imitating a real egg laying. Set includes 3 pieces. Your dinosaur can enlarge the family! The fun enhances the unusual impressions and will certainly interest the toddler to deepen the knowledge about these great reptiles.

Dinosaur dimensions:

54 cm x 14.5 cm x 30 cm

Size of the package:

35 cm x 16 cm x 33 cm

The dinosaur is powered by three 1.5V AA batteries (included), the remote control is powered by two 1.5V AA batteries (not included). Additionally, the set includes a charger. The toy is intended for children over 6 years of age. The set has a CE certificate and complies with the EN 71 standard. It is packed in a cardboard box, making it perfect for a gift.

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