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Magnetic Chalk Board 2 in 1 Blue and White Accessories


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Magnetic Chalk Board 2 in 1 Blue and White Accessories

The multifunctional board will make the artist joy not induced, it can also be a legal teaching aid. Drawing with chalk and felt-tip pens for something for a child they love. The blue and white board fits into any children’s room. Drawing on a blackboard, you will develop your child’s artistic skills, imagination from their own help and eye-hand coordination.

Lots of advantages, one product.

The board has two drawing surfaces – the white one, intended for the writable pens, and the black one, which can be drawn on with chalk. You can change the rotation by 360 degrees. The school set includes markers in blue, blue, red, green and yellow, also a set of 12 pieces of chalk. Since the board is a magnetic toy, the board is a board with magnets, for which you can help a board a board a board with pictures. The whole set includes 48 elements.

The swivel board maintained the adjustable height of the legs – by default, it was possible to arrange its masters with the legs, so that the child could be able to use standing. After shortening the board, the board has been changed to us, for example, by the coordination of your company, it can be very comfortable to sit. In the section of the blackboard there is on all chalks and felt-tip pens, where you can use your place for additional accessories when we or you do not use the name at this point needed. In addition, at the top of the board, there is also a hook located on the board, it also allows you to attach a sheet of paper.

Kit components:

– 2 cups

– 12 crowns

– 5 markers

– eraser sponge

– 12 colored magnets

– chalk holder

Board dimensions:

58cm x 33cm x 110cm

Writing surface dimensions:

31 cm x 41 cm

Values ​​from upbringing to the board:

about 70 cm

Size of the package:

54cm x 78cm x 12.5cm


Designed for children 3 years of age. Compliant with EN71.

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