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Interactive Playing Drum for a Toddler

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Interactive Playing Drum for Toddler

The musical drum is equipped with a volume control, which will ensure that the child and probably parents will enjoy using the toy. The toy has pre-loaded melodies that are pleasing to the ear, flashing lights. Every time the child hits the drum, he or she will hear a cheerful melody with drum rhythm and flashing coloured lights. The drum rotates 360 degrees, while spinning the toy you can hear the child’s joyful laughter. In addition, there are two function keys on the sides of the drum to trigger additional different melodies and a light effect. The toy is very carefully and precisely made, and will delight every little one. A child’s development, especially its motor skills, are very much stimulated by its environment. This is why it is so important that the toys a child plays with encourage fine motor skills, teaching new movements and skills.

Each of the toys available supports the following skills to varying degrees:

– motor skills,
– coordination,
– balance,
– accuracy.

The interactive drum supports motor skills, develops coordination and precision. The colourful colours and sounds attract attention and allow the child to learn new colours, exercise eye/auditory coordination and, above all, the child can spend time actively.

Dimensions of the toy:

16 cm x 18 cm

Packaging dimensions:

18.5 cm x 18.5 cm x 16.5 cm

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