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Interactive Dinosaur Projector Sounds Walks on Batteries Folds Eggs Pair


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Interactive Dinosaur Projector Sounds Walks on Batteries Folds Eggs Pair

The toy is a perfect reproduction of a huge dinosaur that lived about 125 – 100 million years ago. It is made in a natural colour close to the authentic fur of great reptiles. The walking dinosaur can not only be a great toy – it can also be used as a teaching aid. Thanks to such an object, explaining facts connected with prehistory and mythical creatures to a child will be much easier, moreover, it will develop the knowledge and imagination of a toddler, encouraging him to gain information on those topics on his own.

The dinosaur has shades of green on the dinosaur, scales on its back add realism. The product has been equipped with a speaker through which sounds imitating the sounds made by dinosaurs can be heard.

The toy moves forward, moves its head, mouth and paws, and breathes fire! Using the dropper on the dinosaur’s head, water is poured in and during play you will be able to see steam coming out of the mouth with a red light.

The next advantage is egg laying! There is a hole on the back where you drop the eggs in and they fly out from underneath, imitating real egg laying. 3 pieces included. Your dinosaur can expand the family!

Another advantage is the projector on the belly, which shows images of real dinosaurs.

The fun intensifies unusual impressions and will surely interest the toddler to deepen knowledge about these great reptiles. From now on he can move into the world of dinosaurs !

Dimensions of the dinosaur:

45 cm x 11 cm x 24 cm

Dimensions of the box:

38 cm x 28 cm x 15 cm

The toy is made of certified material, which is plastic resistant to frequent use. It is powered by three AA 1.5 V batteries, not supplied. Suitable for children over 3 years old. Despite the menacing appearance, the toy is free of sharp and dangerous for children elements or ends. The colour scheme of the dinosaur refers to its counterpart, which increases the level of realism of the toy.

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