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Frog Waterfall Bath Set + Buckets


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Frog Waterfall Bath Set + Buckets

If your child enjoys sea adventures, swimming in the pool and tub is the perfect toy for your child. When your child resists any bathing, it will surely convince him of an unpopular activity, distract him and make him associate only with pleasure from now on. A smiling frog with various effects will interest your little one so much that he will not want to leave the bathtub.

After pouring water into the frog’s head, the stream of water will drive rotating elements, and water will flow out of the frog’s mouth. And when the stream flows over the head, the frog’s eyes will turn the other way. In addition, the set includes 4 buckets of different sizes and colors, with holes at the bottom of them at different distances, so you can observe different streams of water. It will be an unprecedented experience for your child. On the lid of the bucket you can also see the shapes of animals: a bird, an earthworm, a rabbit and a turtle. A big plus is that a toddler can also learn names and their appearance. On the back, the frog has a suction cup and you can easily attach it to the tiles.

Frog height: 21 cm

Size of the package :

41 cm x 10.5 cm x 30 cm

The product is intended for children over 12 months of age. The toy complies with the EN71 standard.

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