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Bestway 58699 Pool Chemistry Dispenser


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Bestway 58699 Pool Chemistry Dispenser

A necessary element of equipment for your garden pool is a float that dispenses pool chemicals. Its task is to purify the water in the tank so that you can safely enjoy the cleanliness of your pool. After placing a bromine or chlorine tablet in it, intended for water purification and disinfection, the container drifts in the pool, slowly dissolving the tablet. When using a float to release chemicals swimming pool, remember not to use it while swimming in the garden pool under any circumstances. Dissolved chemicals can seriously irritate the eyes and skin.

Main features:

– The dispenser holds 6 tablets

– compatible with 7.6 cm tablets

– Led light

– Working time 6-8 hours

– solar battery

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Težina 0,8 kg
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