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Little beauty’s Set Suitcase Dryer Accessories


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 Set for a little princess in the suitcase

 Each little girl adores to prink by stealth. Give her a suitcase which has a hidden, the most necessary accessories! The set was designed with little girls in mind, so it’s pink with contrasting, dark elements and glittery glitter. We are sure that having this charming set on her own will make the girls will stop thinking about pilfering mother’s cosmetics – from now, they will have their own set to play with. 

Pink and black set will catch girls’ eyes, and will encourage them to play. What interesting they can find inside the set? Hair-dryer, which after powering it with batteries will make a sound similar to the real hair-dryer. There is also a mirror in the shape of a flower, which leaves are a stand. Two hair-slides with a bow will decorate a little lady’s hair. Small hairbrush will be useful to comb girl’s hair. Other accessories are for example packages imitating eye-shadows or nail-polishes. this set will allow a girl for a mere play and also fur running the mini-beauty salon, with which she can play with mother, sister or with friends.

The set for a little princess is packed into a suitcase, which has a handle facilitating carrying and easy closing, protecting from losing one of the elements. This package will also facilitate storage of the toy and it will decorate a little lady’s room.

The toy is adjusted for children over 3 years old. All of the elements are made of durable fabric – plastic, moreover the toy has a CE certificate, which is about security coming from using the toy.

In the suitcase are included:

– hair-dryer,
– hairbrush,
– mirror,
– container for a cream,
– two nail polishes,
– set of eye-shadows
– two hair-slides.

Dimensions of chosen set’s elements:

hair-dryer: 15 cm x 5 cm x 12,5 cm,
hairbrush: 11 cm x 5 cm,
mirror: 13 cm x 7,5 cm.

Dimensions of the suitcase:

– 30 cm x 22 cm.

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