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Jumping Pirate Mini Game up to 4 players


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Jumping Pirate Mini Game up to 4 players

Arcade game Jumping Pirate is a wonderful entertainment for whole family! The game will be perfect as well for children as for adults. It involves and engrosses for a long time, what will provide long hour filled of the whole family’s laugh. Jumping Pirate is a barrel of laughs, which checks how high is the level of patience of each player.

How to play this game? Rules are very simple, even the youngest players will manage to understand them. At first the Black Beard Pirate has to be placed in the barrel, then you should twist him few times to change his position. Afterwards the players put daggers into barrels’s holes, trying to do not stab the Pirate. When someone will do that, our hero will jump from the barrel and the game will end. Whole jollies is accompanied by a huge pressure and thrill – during putting colourful daggers into the barrel’s holes each player hae to be very focused and versatile. 

If a child will lose all of the daggers, it could happen, do not be upset, a barrel could be used as a piggy-bank or interesting room’s decoration – in the barrel there is a special hole, through which money could be put into the middle of a toy. 

The set includes:

– a barrel,
– the Black Beard Pirate

– 24 daggers in various colours

Dimensions of packaging:

– 15 cm x 20 cm.

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