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Football Table Folding Game

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Football Table Folding Game

Play football with the kids without leaving the warm house! Who will score more goals? And who will make it to the World Cup final? You’ll find out in no time with our game! Foosball has been known and loved for a long time, but it still evokes real, heated emotions. Every football fan must have it – no matter what age you are, just the will to have fun!

The robust material the toy is made of guarantees long-lasting use. Thanks to its properties, it is easy to keep clean, thanks to which the level of safety and hygiene of the game is high. The size of the playground allows you to play even in small rooms; you only need to spread it on the floor, so it can become a permanent element of your child’s room design. If you don’t have a lot of free space in the room, an additional advantage is that the table’s legs are foldable, so after the exciting game, you can easily fold the table and it won’t take up any space in your child’s room.

A football game can start when at least 2 people take part – the more players, the more real and exciting the tournament will be. The rules of the game are simple – everyone chooses which team they belong to, stands on the correct side and… Goal! The handy knobs feel good in the hand, making the rods easy for players to navigate. Above each goal is a sliding counter, making it easy to quickly count points for both teams.

Place the players on the pitch according to your own tactics, drop the ball and the big game begins. May the best man win!

The set includes:

– 22 players

– pitch

– 2 goals

– 2 balls

– scoreboard


Package dimensions:

125cm x 63cm x 80cm

Folded table height:

approx. 156cm

Foosball game is packed in a large cardboard box, so it’s perfect as a gift for a boy over 5 years old.


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Težina 22 kg
Pieces per Cartoon

1 szt.


Nieodpowiednie dla dzieci poniżej 5l





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