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Drums Set with Chair Blue 5 drums


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Drums Set with Chair Blue 5 drums

Drums are a perfect gift for kids – it will surely bring a lot of joy to both big and small. Such entertainment develops musical skills and the sense of hearing, teaches how to distinguish sounds. In addition, playing this instrument stimulates the development of the nervous system and brain, developing the imagination. Importantly, even babies need to calm down and relieve tension, and the presented toy will be perfect as a help.

Children’s drums with accessories are made of safe, high-quality materials that testify to its quality and durability. It is a CE certified toy, so you can give it to your little one.

By encouraging your child to play, you can contribute to the development of his skills and talent. If your child is already tapping rhythms on various objects and is energetic and mobile, a drummer kit will be perfect.

The drummer kit consists of:

– 1 large drum with a single pedal

– 2 x medium drum

– 2 x small drums

– a set of sticks

– a plate

– chairs

Dimensions of the elements of the set:

height of the folded set: approx. 80 cm

large drum (diameter): 38 cm

Size of the package:

44 cm x 44 cm x 27 cm

Dodatne informacije

Težina 5,001 kg
Pieces per Cartoon

4 szt.



Wiek dziecka

3 lata +



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