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Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex Remote Controlled R/C with Steam


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Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex Remote Controlled R/C with Steam

If your child is a fan of prehistoric dinosaurs, this will be the perfect set for him. Our dinosaur is equipped with light and sound effects. Its mouth shines when moving, and most importantly? During a roar, cold steam that imitates fire comes out of the mouth! There is nothing more real, every child will be delighted with such a toy!

The product is equipped with a loudspeaker through which you can hear sounds imitating the sounds made by dinosaurs. The remote control with a dinosaur sculpture on it is an additional attraction and looks interesting on the shelf of a young explorer of the secrets of ancient creatures. It allows remote control up to 10 / 15m.

The toy has two buttons that must be turned on to start it. If the game with the dinosaur is interrupted, the dinosaur goes to sleep, in order to restart, turn on the button on the left side by the tail again. The main on / off switch is located on the pet’s tummy. After pressing the right button on the remote control, the dinosaur moves forward. When moving, the mouth illumination is automatically turned on.

Interactive toys not only provide children with entertainment, but also gradually teach them to use the most modern electronic devices. A remote-controlled robot dinosaur is an easy-to-use, but at the same time attractive device that requires the focus and commitment of the child playing with it. Controlling with a dual-function remote allows the dinosaur to move and activates sound and light effects, as well as cold steam.

The intense colors of the toy in combination with glowing elements attract attention. The detailed characteristics of the structure of ancient reptiles – in this model the resemblance to predatory tyrannosaurs – allows you to get to know this type of creatures. Scaly skin, a wide head and a moving mouth with a row of white teeth, and moving hind and front paws with claws are an interesting experience for the youngest explorers, for whom this can initiate a real passion or at least an interesting hobby.

Kit components:

– Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur remote controlled

– remote control

– pipette

Dimensions of the set elements:

– Tyrannosaurus Rex remote-controlled dinosaur: 27 cm x 45 cm x 9 cm

– remote control: 13 cm x 7.5 cm

Box dimensions:

51 cm x 30 cm x 12.5 cm

The dinosaur is powered by three 1.5V AA batteries (included), the remote control is powered by three 1.5V AA batteries (not included). The toy is intended for children over 3 years of age. The set has a CE certificate and complies with the EN 71 standard. It is packed in a cardboard box, making it perfect for a gift.

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Težina 2,8 kg
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9 szt

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18 szt.


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