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Tamagotchi Electronical Animal Pink Apple Shape


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Tamagotchi Electronical Animal Pink Apple Shape

Probably every parent knows the cult toy tamagotchi. This electronic egg with a small display has been winning the hearts of all children since the 90s! A colorful egg with an electronic pet hanging on a ball pendant allows you to attach it to, for example, a belt loop or a backpack to protect them against loss and more. Thanks to this, the child will always have them with him, which is very important. This interactive toy will be a good training before having your own pet, as it will teach your child systematic care and responsibility.

What does playing with an electronic pet look like? The game starts with an animation of an egg from which our pet slowly hatches. The guardian’s task is to feed, entertain, bathe and heal the selected animal, as well as clean up after it, so that it can grow happily – just like in real life. Systematic care will give your toddler a chance to watch his virtual pet grow. Balance is important in this relationship – overprotection and neglect of a pet can cause unpleasant consequences, which is the disease.

The electronic egg is packed in a colored blister and its activation requires two 1.5V batteries, which are included in the set. Due to the small dimensions and the attached key ring, this toy is intended for children over 3 years of age.

In our offer you will find this tamagotchi model in redyellowwhite and pink.

Tamagotchi dimensions:

– 6 cm x 5.5 cm.

Size of the package:

– 9.5 x 16.5 cm.

Dodatne informacije

Težina 0,1 kg
Ilość w kartonie wewnętrznym

72 szt.

Pieces per Cartoon

288 szt.

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