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Interactive Chihuahua Dog Moves, Barks


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Interactive Chihuahua Dog Moves, Barks

If your child dreams of his own pet – taking care of him, going on long walks. Interactive Chihuahua is a great playmate! We will help make your dream come true.

It starts when touched, when stroked, it starts barking, moving its head and tail. The dog will react with each contact. On the other hand, when pressed on the side of the stomach, the dog moves its paws, goes forward, barking and friendly music plays in the background! A great proposition for your child, it will not only bring a smile to his face, but will also be a miniature version of a real Chihuahua. Maybe she will become his friend? It will be the beginning of having your own dog and learning to be responsible for the animal through play and diligence in carrying out duties, it will pay off in the future.

The dog has cream-colored fur, the eye color is dark brown, even black, it catches the eye. It imitates a real dog of this breed. In addition, a beautiful red bow around the neck adds charm to it.

Dog’s dimensions:

20 cm x 9 cm x 21 cm

The toy dog ​​is packed in a transparent foil. It is intended for all children over 3 years of age. The dog has a CE certificate, which confirms that it meets the requirements of European Union directives. Compliant with EN71. It is a very safe toy, devoid of sharp elements and pleasant to the touch. To play with the dog you need 3 pcs of 1.5V “AA” batteries. The battery compartment is underneath, under the fur.

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