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Giraffe 2in1 Projector – Bed Pendant for Baby


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Giraffe Projector Toy

The music panel is a wonderful decor element in the baby’s room and a reliable help in putting the toddler to sleep – the music box plays gentle melodies, accompanied by soft light, flowing from the figurines, as well as images are displayed on the ceiling.

The giraffe music box has three modes:

1. the “note” mode. – when the projector is switched on, a calm, sleepy music plays and the giraffes alternately glow. The music can be changed with the “bird” button. This mode has six different lullabies. If we do not switch the lullabies ourselves, they will play continuously. The light gently transitions from one giraffe to the other. When you turn the wheel between the giraffes, a different sound comes out each time. On the left side there are four ‘apple’ buttons. When you press the left apple at the top, you get a forest sound with animal and nature sounds. The top right apple makes the sound of a snoring bear, a ticking clock and a forest with animal and nature sounds. The lower right apple starts the currently playing melody all over again. The lower left apple changes the melody.

2 “Projector” mode – when switched to the “Projector” mode, a light and a projector are switched on at the top of the music box, which alternately project a picture of an elephant or a bunny onto the wall. Apart from that, all the melodies and lights work the same as in music box mode except that the projector lights up when the melody is playing. In this mode the projector can display pictures alone or with melodies.

3. the “music plus projector” mode – differs from the projector mode in that the music flies immediately together with the projected images.

Dimensions of the toy:

height: 17.5 cm
width: 22.5 cm
thickness: 6 cm

Dimensions of packaging:

 31 cm x 26 cm x 8 cm 

Toy suitable for children over 12 months old. Powered by four AA 1.5V batteries, not supplied.

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