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Family game Climbing Penguins on Ice


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Family game Climbing Penguins on Ice

Look for yourself how much there is to do in the penguin colony! All the penguins want to stand on the iceberg, but only some of them are able to stay on it, being very careful not to fall into the icy water. Which of them do you think will manage to keep their balance?

Right now you and your little one will have the opportunity to find out. Prepare a clever plan and carefully, thoughtfully guide the penguins to the top. Your deft moves will help you keep the players on the walls of the iceberg.
The one of you who manages to get all the penguins to the top first is the winner. However, if one of the penguins falls, the race starts all over again.

Just don’t forget the most important thing – a necessary part of having fun while playing Penguins is having a good laugh! Time spent together will bring the whole family even closer together, teaching children healthy competition.

The Climbing Penguins on Ice game includes:

– base,
– iceberg,
– flag,
– 24 penguins.

Iceberg dimensions:

– base diameter: 25 cm,
– height: 12 cm.

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