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Set For Making Nail Varnish Dryer Glitter


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Set For Making Nail Varnish Dryer Glitter

A solution for all mothers whose daughters pick up their cosmetics, and above all, they like nail polishes – their own manicure set. It will diversify the games, allow her to play the profession of a beautician or nail stylist. Maybe this profession will interest her? Two character will surely develop your child’s creativity and imagination.

How to use these varnishes and other gadgets? After equalizing the length and shape of the nails with a lipstick-shaped file, apply the selected color to the nails. The next step may be to place the handle in a special nail dryer. Such a ready manicure will look phenomenal and original! You can paint your nails with varnishes, and thanks to stickers with original and various patterns.

Thanks to the set, your beauty will be able to safely and adequately to her age take care of the beautiful appearance of her nails. The nail polishes included in the set are made of healthy, harmless and non-toxic substances, so they won’t harm your girls’ nails.


The set include:

– nail dryer

– 3 colors of patent leather shoes: orange, purple and pink

– stickers

– 2 finger separator – pink

– stick for applying stickers

– glitter and jets

– stencil with artificial nails


Dryer dimensions:

9 cm x 9 cm x 6.5 cm

Size of the package:

 38 cm x 25,5 cm x 7,5 cm 

The dryer is powered by 2 1.5V AA batteries. For children over 5 years of age. Toy with the EN71 standard.


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