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Baby Pyramid Shells


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Baby Pyramid Shells

The rainbow-colored pyramid is a toy that perfectly affects the development of the baby. It consists of cups of various colors. At the top of the toy, there is the smallest cup with a happy face printed on it. The cups are made of safe, non-toxic material that is solid and durable. The pyramid has a very streamlined, rounded shape, which affects the safety level of using the object.

Each cup has a different color. This toy is characterized not only by a beautiful, modern design, but also a number of important advantages for the child’s development: it develops the toddler’s motor skills and mobility, allows you to practice fingers and grasping. Playing with the pyramid improves the child’s manual skills as well as the recognition of colors and shapes. Sorting the cups will allow you to understand the relationships that exist between objects of different dimensions.

A toy that exercises creativity and the ability to think logically there are no rules by which to play with it – how to use it depends only on the child, his parents and their imagination. We are sure that the rich, fabulous colors as well as the high quality of the toy will encourage every child to learn through play.

The rainbow pyramid is CE certified.

Size of the package:

12 cm x 12 cm x 7 cm

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