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Glowing Bowling Set 6 Bowls and Disc

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Glowing Bowling Set 6 Bowls and Disc

Bowling like you’ve never seen before! We present skittles shining with the colors of the rainbow, which are not hit with a classic ball, but with a flying disc. We believe bowling is fun and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Such fun will provide everyone with great emotions, and also teach the youngest what a healthy competition is about. Hitting the shimmering pins with the disc will enhance the precision, motor and manual skills of each competitor. The unusual, glowing edition of bowling pins will surely attract and encourage not only kids but also adults to play.

The glowing set includes:

– 1 disk,
– 6 pins.

How to play bowling? There is nothing easier. Place the bowling pins next to each other on a flat, smooth surface – and the fun can begin! The flying disc must be gently pushed to allow it to slide freely towards the target to be knocked down. The winner is the player who knocks as many pins as possible. Importantly, it is worth emphasizing the principles of the disc. In its bottom part there is a blower which generates a strong air stream which makes the toy hover above the floor. This innovative solution improves safety and completely reduces the problem of upholstered furniture or floors.

All elements included in the bowling game are made of certified and attested materials. The shell and the bottom of the bowling pins are made of a solid, durable material such as plastic, while the flying disc consists of a combination of plastic and soft foam. The plastic is in the central part of the toy, while the soft, protective foam is its dust jacket.

The toy is powered by batteries that allow you to run all interesting functions. To start the flying disc you need 3 pieces of 1.5 V “AA” batteries, which are not included in the set, while the bowling pins are equipped with them – when the batteries are flat, they should be supplemented with 3 pieces of 1.5 V “AG” 13 batteries. The toy with a CE certificate is packed in a multi-colored cardboard box, at the top of which there is a handy handle that makes it easy to carry the set.

Dimensions of the set elements:

– disk: 14 cm x 6 cm,
– bowling pins: 22 cm.

Toy packaging dimensions:

– 59 cm x 23 cm x 9 cm.

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