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Set of sweets – Confectionery shop

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Set of sweets – Confectionery shop

Children love sweets, they also love birthday parties. Sweets, birthday … Of course, the first thought comes with a cake! Your child will be able to organize adorable parties every day with this set!  

The main element of the set is a pink cake with strawberries decorated by cream. Using the included spatula, you can place one of the 6 pieces of baking on the party participants. Another sweet part of the set is an ice cream – the toy consists of three cones and 5 different types of ice cream: 3 scoops with topping or 2 curly ice cream. The set also includes tiny, cute cutlery in turquoise, pink and white. Other elements of the set are also sweets, such as toy cookies.


The kit includes:

– Pink cake,
– A spatula for applying the dough,
– Toy wafers: cones and bowls,
– Toy ice cream: Knob and vending machine
– Spoon for putting scoops of ice cream,
– Plates,
– Cake cutlery,
– Ice cream spoons,
– Other sweets.


Size of the package:

51 x 39 x 5 cm

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