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Magnetic Drawing Board Pink Elephant with Stamps

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Magnetic Drawing Board Pink Elephant with Stamps 


A toy that probably all parents met during their childhood. This magnetic board can write and draw disappearing pictures countless times – but not only! It is a great form of fun as well as a help developing a child’s manual and artistic skills.

How does a magic magnetic board work? It is a very simple educational toy. Under the screen surface, iron filings are placed. When drawing with a special pen a pattern created by the child is forming. Drawings can be made any number of times – to erase the image you only need to move the slider at the bottom of the object. In order for the magnetic disappearance to serve the child for a long time, it should be used only with the included magnetic pen. Under no circumstances should classic pens, felt-tip pens or ink pens be used on the screen.

A children’s scrawler consists of a screen where you can draw and write freely, a magnetic pen, two stamps – in the shape of a heart and a triangle, an abacus and a slider for erasing pictures. The whole thing is placed in a pink frame with the silhouette of an elephant, whose trunk is a handle, very useful when carrying the board. The screen border is decorated with numbers, an alphabet and a movable abacus. This combination will allow you to easily try to write numbers and letters without the need to use additional materials.

This entertainment and educational toy is made very aesthetically and carefully. The pastel pink color of the elephant will certainly encourage every toddler to play. It is worth remembering that the toy is equipped with small elements, so it is not intended for children under three years of age.


Magnetic boards are also available in red, blue and yellow.


Dimensions of the disappearance sheet for children:
– 13 cm x 18.5 cm.

Elephant dimensions:
– 33 cm x 24 cm.

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