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Kids Doctor Set in Carry Case

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Kids Doctor Set in Carry Case

A set of a young medic in a suitcase is a dream toy for every child who wants to explore the world around him. This toy will turn every toddler into a professional doctor who will examine and heal his sick patients. This wonderful set will definitely prove useful when examining not only family members, but also a doll or a beloved teddy bear.

The items included in the set will provide each toddler with a lot of joy from helping their loved ones. Playing a doctor with such colorful equipment will certainly help reduce the fear of visiting a real doctor, turning it into a pleasure. The rich, interesting equipment of the suitcase gives the child unlimited possibilities in treating patients, as well as creating new, equally developing games. Toothache, abdominal pain or headache? Your little one will certainly help!

What makes this kit for a little doctor different? A thermometer that can adjust the displayed temperature, and a stethoscope that sounds the beating of a heart. Another advantage of the set elements is the real design in friendly shapes and colors.

The doctor’s kit consists of:
– syringes,
– sight glass with a lamp,
– a thermometer that displays high fever,
– scissors,
– a hammer,
– a medical mirror with an illuminating lamp,
– a stethoscope emitting the sound of a beating heart,
– medicine container,
– family doctor badges,
– suitcases.

Suitcase dimensions:
– length: 25 cm,
– width: 18 cm,
– height: 9 cm.

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