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Jenga Game Wooden Tower Don’t Destroy!

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Wooden Jenga with numbers
You need to start from build solid tower
One floor needs to be made of 3 bricks
Every floor needs to be placed alternately
You need to build it on straight surface
Every brick has number so You can play in 2 ways:
1.First classic way is that you take one brick and place it on the top (Every player do it alternately) But watch out! Tower can’t be destroyed
2. Second way is with using cubes. You throw cubes, count and take brick with that number what you throw. After that you place that brick on the top without destroying tower.
Game contains:
48 wooden bricks
4 cubes
Number of players: any quantity
Dimensions of example brick:
7,5cm x 2,4cm x 1,4cm
Box dimensions:
27cm x 8cm x 8cm
Game needs ability and precision. Learn patient and counting
Jenga game is perfect way to spend time with whole family

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