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Flower Projector To Draw With Magic Markers

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Projector in a shape of a flower to draw 

 Pink projector in the shape of a flower is a perfect toy to every girl, which adores drawing and painting. The set hides inside itself 3 different functions, what is a guarantee of great and long fun. With a help of projector the pictures from included patterns could be copied, projected on the wall and primarily a child can create its own, original works. The set consists of 21 interesting patterns placed on three rounded discs, six pieces of Magic Markers and the spoon destined to wash pictures away. 

he rpjector has a regulated pitches so it could be used as well on the board as on the wall. THere are a lot of purposes of this projector, this multiple-function toy which is made out for not only pleasure but also for learning. Drawing and painting with using this product will improve manual abilities of a child and will also help to master the precision and accuracy, necessary during learning how to write or during drawing straight lines or bands. Using this projector is incredibly simple. It relies on placing chosen disc in the calyx of a flower, standing the picture, which a child wants to project or paint, afterwards after turning the projector because of pressing the right button. 

 The toy is powered with 4 pieces od 1,5 V AA batteries, which are not included to the set. It is adjusted for all of the children ver 3 years old. The projector has a CE certificate, it is packed into pink, cardboard box, what makes it perfect as a gift for creative girl. 

Dimensions of projector:

– stand: 27 cm x 22 cm,

– drawing/painting area: 20 cm x 16 cm,

– frame of projector: 28 cm.

Dimensions of packaging:

– 47,5 cm x 33,5 cm x 7,5 cm.

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