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Doll Stroller Alice Black-Pink Dotted

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Doll Stroller Alice Black-Pink Dotted

The black and pink pram is decorated with delicate, bright stars, which gives it great charm. The size of the pram fits the average height of a few year old girls, and the design is inspired by the construction of real prams for children. The pram will be suitable for all dolls and toys with a maximum length of 60 cm – the large dimensions of the gondola will easily accommodate several toy passengers.

The structure of this sensational looking pram is made of solid and durable aluminium tubes in silver colour, which are connected with black plastic connectors. The use of high-quality plastic in the production of the trolley is responsible for the comfort and convenience of using the toy, which, combined with the location of the trolley on four narrow wheels, increases the ease of driving and manoeuvring the trolley.

The pram does not distract with flashy colours, allowing you to focus on playing with the toy baby. It is a sensational gadget diversifying play at home, thanks to it every caring and thoughtful mummy will be able to pleasantly spend time with her doll and toys even outside the house. Playing with the doll trolley is not only an eye-catching design – it also has an educational dimension.

The role-play will positively influence the development of the child, teaching the rules of interpersonal communication and playing various roles. It is also a fantastic aid to improve motor coordination and motor skills, as well as to feel empathy and responsibility towards another being. If you decide to buy this pram, you can be sure that you will not regret this decision. The pram is light, manoeuvrable and easy to use, and thanks to its design you can easily change the direction in which the carrycot is facing and its tilt!

Dimensions of the dolls’ pram:

– pram: l. 80 cm x w. 38.5 cm x h. 75 cm,

– height to carrycot: 54 cm,

– height of the handle: 60-82 cm,

– wheel: 13 cm x 2 cm, 17 cm x 2 cm,

– wheel base: 38.5 cm,

– carrycot: W 25 cm x L 60 cm,

Package dimensions: 

40 cm x 20 cm x 62 cm 

The pram will be a fantastic surprise for every girl who is over 3 years old. The presented model has been made of high-quality and above all certified materials, which is responsible for the high quality and durability of the toy. The pram is CE certified, which confirms that it meets all the requirements of European Union directives. The children’s doll trolley is packed in an original cardboard box.

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