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Boxer Set with Gloves Target

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Boxer Set with Gloves Target

Early school children are often unable to discharge their energy, which makes them disobedient or distracted. In such a situation, it is worth thinking about encouraging the child to undertake various types of physical activity. The purchase of the Boxing Set will allow your child to relieve stress at home, while exercising agility and efficiency.

By allowing the child to relieve tension in a controlled manner, we avoid outbursts of negative emotions. It is worth showing that fatigue with physical activity also allows you to de-stress. Turning exercise into fun will boost your child’s confidence and make them more open-minded. The gloves included in the set fit perfectly on the hands of a young child, and the attached shield will allow you to effectively control where the blows of a young boxer are struck.

Size of the package:

44 cm x 24 cm x 7 cm

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Težina 1 kg
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