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Big Set To Making Designing Watches + Accessories

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 Big set for making watches 

Genius set for the girls – these which dream about working as a fashion and accessories designer, also for this loving handcrafts or which want in interesting way present their individual style. This multi-coloured watches, in various sizes will make little girl couldn’t break of the toy for long hours. Variety of elements which consist for this set guarantees creativity and manual abilities development, and who knows maybe it will yield as a very interesting and original hobby?

Te set includes:
– one real mechanism,
– beads,
– colourful strops,
– vein,
– 8 colourful frames,
– 8 watchbands,
-elements of assembly,
– instruction manual.

 All of the set;s elements needed to making the watches are adjusted with their size to the little girls’ hands. Watchbands are made of soft material which connects features of rubber and silicone. Frames of the watches are made of durable, solid plastic. Various shapes and colours regulated watchbands with connecting with accessories like beads and stops will make amount of the combinations unlimited. From now, every little woman has a possibility to change the watch depending on her mood and outfit – assembly of mechanism is very simple and fast.

Instruction manual has extra pictorial information, showing step by step how to fold the watch – from changing the battery in watch’s mechanism to the putting on decorative beads or braid a band from the strop. The toy has a CE certificate and it is packed into colourful carton with a glass-case. It is a perfect idea for a gift.

Dimensions of chosen elements of this creative set:
– bands: 20 cm x 1 cm,
– dials: 4 cm x 4 cm,
– mechanism: 3,5 cm x 3,5 cm.

Dimensions of the package:
– 40 cm x 30 cm x 6 cm.

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