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Arcade Game Fishing Fishes Light Effects Red

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 Arcade Game Fishing Fishes Light Effects Red

Classic game – fishing in unwonted, original edition. We present arcade game connected with comfortable table, which makes a fun easier for the youngest contestants. This colourful toy is decorated with stickers with animals motive, thanks of what it looks very pleasant and attract the sight. 

Presented here version of a game distinguishes with not only red, eye-pleasant colouring and design, devoid of sharp elements and also special effects – white board with fishes rotates and decorations like a seahorses placed in its central part are beautifully glowing, what will certainly encourage each child to start a play. Round board has 45 holes for small fishes and her wrapper has projected especially for fishing rods place and also containers for fished sea creatures. 

The set includes:

– counter of table,
– 4 legs,
– rounded board,
– 45 fishes,
– 4 fishing rods,
– 2 seahorses,
– plastic decoration.

 How to play this game? It is very intuitive and simple – you should place batteries in the table’s foundation, fishes in destined holes, shift the button situated on the side part of a toy. Fishing rods in hand and it’s ready! Fishes rotate, closing and opening their mouths. The winner is the player which will gather more colourful fishes in container. This toy could be used by one player, but the play will be definitely funnier when siblings or friends will join. To diversify the game, people could share on two teams what will certainly bring a lot of emotions to the game and also will teach children rules of friendly rivalry 

This arcade game in fishing sea creatures is packed into big and convenient cardboard box, which is connected with a handle which facilitate carrying a toy. All of the elements are made out of attested and safe material, thanks of what the toy has a CE certificate

Dimensions of set’s elements:

table: 39,5 cm x 30 cm x 47 cm,
rounded board: 24 cm,
fishing rod: 25 cm,
fish: 4 cm x 3 cm,
seahorse: 12 cm x 7 cm.

Dimensions of packaging:

– 59 cm x 37 cm x 10 cm.

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