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Aerodrome Plane Set 1:87 Accessories 30 Pieces

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Aerodrome Plane Set 1:87 Accessories 30 Pieces

This multi-piece set will be a dream come true for young aviation and aircraft enthusiasts. The presented set of toys includes a large, dark blue aeroplane, as well as various vehicles or elements necessary for a complete arrangement of sensational fun. It is worth emphasising that all elements making up the set, including the plane, cars, barrier or road signs, are inspired by real, full-size vehicles and objects, presented in a very accurate 1:87 scale.

All toys are made from a combination of plastic and metal, making them not only very robust and durable, but above all safe to use. The toys have been designed with the youngest children in mind, so they are free of sharp ends. The airport set is maintained in characteristic colours, which, combined with numerous inscriptions on the vehicles, gives the impression of great realism. In the set, the child will find elements allowing for long and forward play – the toddler will have at his disposal an aeroplane, a semi-trailer with a long, extendable ladder, a number of vehicles, as well as safety elements such as a barrier or road signs. The toys have movable elements – the ladder is extendable, the wheels on the vehicles move and the trailer with luggage can be attached to the car.

Dimensions of selected elements of the airport set:

– aeroplane: 15 cm x 15 cm,
– trailer with ladder: 17.5 cm x 5.5 cm,
– extension ladder: 29 cm,
– off-road car: 8 cm x 5 cm,
– luggage trailer: 7.5 c x 4 cm,
– petrol station: 13 cm x 7 cm,
– traffic sign stand: 11.5 cm x 4.5 cm.

Packaging dimensions:

– 45 cm x 5.5 cm x 28.5 cm.

We think it is worth opting for this multi-piece set, as the large number of accessories allows you to organise great fun for several people. The set includes everything required to play airport and is packaged in a blue, aesthetically pleasing box with a display case, making it a super gift for your child.

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