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Plane Flashing Noise Making Bump n Go 45 cm

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Self-driving plane with light and sound effects

Toy planes are the most common choice when it comes to toys, there’s something about them that draws attention of many children and makes them incredibly popular. All plane types seem to be desirable by children, because they can expand their imagination by playing with them, pretend they’re in the air, among the clouds. They can create highy diverse scenarios. Planes are also a good addition to the toy collection because they help teach the children the basic knowledge of how planes and the travel by planes as a passenger look like. 

The typical toy plane has a safe, aerodynamic and realistic design and light and sound effects – our toy has every single one of those characteristics, but not only that! What differentiate our toy from others is the self-driving feature. The plane has a bump’n’go mechanism, which means that it is capable of driving in specific directions set by the plane itself. When it bumps into obstacles – it bounces back and moves in a different direction. They toy is powered by 3 AA 1,5V batteries, which are placed on the bottom part of the toy. After turning the switch on, the plane starts to move, which is accompanied by the colourful flashing lights and sound effects imitating the sounds of plane taking off and the sounds of plane flying. 

The plane has aerodynamic, light design. It combines various colours together – soft white with blue details, and yellow wheels. The details such as inscriptions like “Happy trip” or “A330” are meant to make the toy look as realistic as possible, compared to the real plane. The toy plane has been made with great attention to details. In its design we can notice pilot’s cabin with darkened windows, and even small windows for passangers – they make it possible to look inside of the toy. The wings have small engines with little diodes inside. It is recommended to try the toy out in the dark room – the effect will be phenomenal! 

This toy for aviation fans has a CE conformity certificate, which quarantees the safety of this item. It’s child-friendly because it’s been made out of safe solid and long lasting material. The item is packed in an aesthetic packaging. It will be a wonderful gift for every child.  

Size of the toy plane:

– 43 cm x 45 cm x 14,5 cm.

Size of the packaging:

– 45 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm.

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