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Organs Piano Microphone USB Ports Pink for little musican

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Organs Piano Microphone USB Ports Pink for little musican

Musical toys will make a huge pleasure to each child. They allow for developing of talent and sense of hearing and by often exercises they will learn a child responsibility. Presented piano is distinguished among others a large amount of keys – there are 37 of them, tripod with microphone and stool – matching to the set. The construction of organs has rounded shapes, what makes the toy very safe in use.

Pink piano for babies has a lot of interesting buttons and options, for example: 

– microphone on a tripod,
– power button ON/OFF,
– volume control,
– tempo control,
– 4 drum backings,
– 5 types of snails,
– 8 types of instruments,
– 6 types of rhythms 
– accompaniment system,
– generator of rhythms and chords,

– flashing lights during playing,

– various choice of melodies,
– karaoke option.

Girls’ piano is distinguished with charming, eye-catching pink and purple color, and also streamline, modern design. Organ are made of certified, solid, the highest-quality material, that’s why they have CE certificate. The stool included to the set is matching with its size to the girls over 3 years old, what ensure the comfort of using.

 Over the black and white keys is placed a colorful cheat sheet, which describes each of keys and also the organ’s switch and a lot of colorful, various buttons which turn on amazing effects and functions. Those buttons allow for controlling volume or tempo intensity and also allow for choosing one of the music genre or various instruments. Keyboard for girls has buttons which are hiding songs in demo version under them and various melodies. A big advantage of this set is connecting construction with two speakers, legs with remove possibility, thanks of what the piano could be placed on the desk. We are convinced that childish, eye-catching design will encourage each child to start playing.

The toy has to be powered by 6 batteries 1.5 V “AA”, which are not included to the set. Organs are designed for girls over 3 years old. The toy instrument is packed in an aesthetic box, on which top is a handle which will make the transport easier. In our opinion this is a perfect gift for each baby, which reveals musical and artistic abilities.

Dimensions of a music set for a girl:

– spreaded keyboard: 60 cm x 25 cm x 5 cm,
– height: 45 cm,
– height with microphone: 60 cm,
– leg distance from the outside: 36 cm,
– leg distance from the inside: 26,5,
– seat: 20 cm x 20 cm.

Dimensions of a package:
– 63,5 cm x 47 cm x 14,5 cm.

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