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Magnetic Table with Stamps

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Magnetic Table with Stamps

The magnetic board is a great toy that probably everyone knows – children, their parents and grandparents. The guide is a very simple, yet functional toy – it is used to write and draw endlessly – the number of children’s works is unlimited. The magnetic board is also an excellent form of fun combined with an educational function. The toy develops the mind and the aesthetic sense, as well as the plastic and manual skills of the child.

The presented set consists of an impressive board, a stylus and four stamps in the shape of geometric figures. The large magnetic board consists of neutral, pleasant colors – classic colors will appeal to both girls and boys. On the sides there are handles that make it easy to carry the toy.

The guide is equipped with a large screen that allows you to create multicolored, incredibly original pictures that can be easily erased. There are iron filings under the surface of the blackboard screen, which, while drawing with a special stylus attached to the set, form a pattern created by the child. The stamps included in the set make it easier to play – reflected on the screen can be a pattern that the child decorates according to his own idea.


Toy dimensions:
– toolbox: 43cm x 30cm,
– screen: 26 cm x 20 cm,

Package dimensions:

45.5cm x 33cm x 5cm

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