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Folded Large Villa for Dolls 76 cm + Pink Car + Accessories

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Dolls’ villa with a pink car.

As it is widely known, all of the girls love playing in house’s imitation. This form of entertainment boosts creativity and resource of a child, occupying its attention for long hours. With this set a child can furnish a house exactly according to its tastes and then play in the best. Large size of a house allows a child organising a party for dolls and also for playing scenes from daily life. Pleasant, colourful design of a villa, accuracy of house’s performance and also amazing backgrounds in the interior and the most necessary furnitures will certainly steal a girl’s heart and they will keep smiling for most of time. Opened construction of the house allows for comfortable fun without possibility to overturn the equipment’s elements. It also allows for watching doll’s and the other toys’ life from various places. 

The doll’s house set with accessories reaches impressive size – spreaded reaches about 76 cm, what will certainly surprise each property’s owner. What is more, the set includes also furnitures to outfit the rooms and…surprise! Two-man, sporty car in pink colour. Two-storey doll’s house consists of four rooms, terrace with protective barriers and open garage. The room’s interior is very colourful, model after classic and known to the children flates. The girl can play with dolls to 29 cm of height in situated at ground level kitchen and lounge or upstairs in the bedroom, living room and terrace.

Deliberated construction of the house was adjusted to the small children and their hands. This beautiful property consists of durable, cardboards division walls, floors, roof and plastic, pink chassises which are keeping whole building stable. Materials from which all of the set’s elements are produced are durable and attested, what means as long-lasting of live well as security, thanks of which your bundle of joy can enjoy the fun. 

The toy villa for girls will give them a chance for amazing fun, during which she could feel as an architect or interior designer, what will certainly bring her a lot of joy. Possibility of freeform composition will develop child’s imagination and also allow for fun with friends with the equipment coming from their collections. 

The colourful house set consists of:

-label to decorate the house
– pink car for a doll
– dressing table with a mirror
– seat fitting to dressing table
– couch,
– board,
– armchair,
– ottoman,
– table,
– two chairs.

Dimensions of elements:

– floors: 35 cm x 21,5 cm,

– walls: 35 cm x 36 cm,

– car: 45 cm x 12 cm.

Hight of a spreaded house:
– 105 cm x 80 cm x 23,5 cm.

Dimensions of the fairy’s villa package:
– 55,5 cm x 50 cm x 25 cm.

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