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Family Game Liar Glasses with Nose

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Family Game Liar Glasses with Nose

The Liar Game. Inspired by the story of Pinocchio, this game is not only fun, but also a valuable lesson in honesty.

The rules are simple: every lie has consequences, visible in the player’s growing nose. The bigger the nose, the less chance of winning. Play with family and friends and compete to see who can keep the shortest nose at the end of the game.

The Liar game is not only entertainment, it is also an opportunity to learn important values. Children learn that honesty is the key to success and lying can lead to unwanted consequences.

Special glasses with a nose allow you to put on colorful cups imitating a nose. This is not only a fun element, but also an additional humorous aspect that enriches the entire gameplay.

We ensure high quality materials, durability and aesthetics of the packaging so that the “Liar” game provides not only joy while playing, but also educational value.

Turn the time spent with your loved ones into an educational and laughter-filled adventure. Discover “Liar” and enjoy every moment spent playing this unique game!

Size of the package:

27cm x 27cm x 5.5cm

It is CE certified and complies with the EN71 standard. Intended for children over 4 years of age.

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