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Electronic Game Tetris Green Phone

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Electronic Game Tetris Green Phone

The presented electronic game looks like a mobile phone. The white housing with a pink accent perfectly harmonizes with the glossy print on the front of the product. Around the display there are icons resembling those that the child knows from their parents’ phones – a gallery, SMS, camera or music player. This will make your child feel as if they have their own cell phone. Below there are yellow buttons for game functions. We can turn them on and off the game, reset the toy or turn on the melody. The other buttons are used to navigate through the selected game. The pocket version of the toy has many different games, including Tetris, snake or tanks, thanks to which it will make your child’s time on the bus or during a break at school more pleasant.

Bricks Game, or Tetris, is one of the most famous mind training games. It consists of blocks of various shapes that must be turned to arrange the squares on the board in such a way that they fill the entire row. The completed line disappears, leaving room for other elements – until it is not empty on the display. During the game, the child can check which block will be next, thanks to which he has the opportunity to think analytically about his next move. With each row deleted, the game speed increases and items fall faster.

The snake game is known to everyone from classic cell phones. It consists in controlling the title snake and collecting food, being careful not to hit its tail, as well as the walls of the board. With each piece of food eaten, the snake’s tail gets longer, which raises the level of the game. The snake, which is controlled by the child, can lay eggs which are additional obstacles.

The toy has a CE certificate, which means that it is safe for children – according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is recommended for children from five years of age and above.

To be able to use the toy freely, it is necessary to insert three “AAA” 1.5 V batteries, which are not included with the product.

In our offer you will find this product in other colors – greenyellow and blue.

Product dimensions:

– 14.5 cm x 7.5 cm.

Size of the package:

– 22 cm x 13.5 cm.

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