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Big DIY Tool Set 55 Pieces

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 Big DIY Tool Set 55 Pieces

The set of tools for the little tinkerer is a great toy which has an educational dimension. The play makes the child develop in a pleasant way its skills of matching correct shapes, distinguishing colours or logical thinking. Moreover, the set will positively influence the manual skills of the toddler, as well as his creativity, independence and imagination.

The set consisting of an impressive number of 55 elements will make your child feel like a real handyman. It consists of everything necessary for the work of a creative do-it-yourselfer. The entire workshop known to the child from dad’s or grandpa’s garage is placed in one colourful box. The boy’s multifunctional tool set is designed for all children with a flair for DIY. All tools give the impression of being real, thanks to their accurate reproduction inspired by full-size accessories. The set is maintained in consistent colours characteristic for this type of items.


The handyman set includes:

– helmet,

– a mobile drill,

– a mobile grinder,

– a movable circular saw,

– 2 files,

– cutter,

– hand saw,

– spanner,

– hammer,

– vise,

– heel,

– pliers,

– pliers,

– a spirit level,

– ruler with level,

– screwdriver,

– Phillips and flathead screwdriver bits,

– 8 spanners in different sizes,

– 3 strips: 2 angle and 1 flat,

– 10 screws of different sizes,

– 4 components,

– 9 nuts,

– strap


Package dimensions:

75 cm x 50 cm x 8 cm


The toy has no dangerous sharp ends and is CE certified. Movable elements of the tools are powered by 2 x 1.5V “AA” batteries, which are not included in the set.


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