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Set of Quality Tool for Children with a Case Driller Workbench

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Tool Set in Case Drill Accessories

The presented set will be an ideal toy for the little DIY enthusiast. The set is housed in a handy suitcase, which can easily be transformed into a table for a safe workspace. This practical case provides both the top and the wall of a small workshop. To make it fully usable for the little handyman, simply attach the legs, which are included in the set, to the case.

There are holes in the wall of the table into which hooks are installed for hanging and easy storage of tools. The holes in the table top may prove useful when a boy wants to screw screws into it or attach a vise. The drill has two modes: screwdriving and unscrewing.

The little DIY set is designed with the little ones in mind, so its workmanship is duly detailed, which is sure to be incredibly fun for any child. The set of tools and accessories is a very creative and imaginative toy, plus it is very handy. A very handy set the little tinker will always be able to have it with him.


The DIY set includes:

– case,

– 4 legs,

– 4 angle brackets,

– vice,

– hammer,

– saw,

– hooks,

– 22 screws,

– 2 connectors with holes,

– calliper,

– spanner,

– socket spanner,

– ring spanner,

– hydraulic spanner

– star screwdriver

– slotted screwdriver

– screwdriver socket spanner,

– sticker set,

– a screwdriver,

– pictorial instructions for assembling the workshop.


Dimensions of the children’s workshop:

– case: 37 cm x 8 cm x 40 cm,

– height to top: 39 cm,

– total height: 72 cm.

– vice: 12 cm x 8 cm x 6 cm

drill: 13 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm

workshop dimensions:

40 cm x 36 cm x 72 cm


Package dimensions:

– 37 cm x 8 cm x 40 cm


Due to the multitude of small parts, the toy is suitable for DIY enthusiasts aged 3 and over. The plastic screwdriver is powered by 2 pieces of “AA” 1.5 V batteries, which are not included. The toy is CE certified, so feel free to give it as a gift – it comes packaged in a colourful box, which is sure to impress the little tinkerer.

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