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Retro Dolls Buggy Alice – XL Pink with Black

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Retro Dolls Buggy Alice – XL Pink with Black


If you struggle and have problem choosing from wide range of Buggy’s this is the one for your daughter. Choose Retro Dolls Buggy Alice and your little one will be thrilled. Why this model? We recommend it because of very popular and fashioned retro style, excellent colour, thin wheels and simple but elegant form.  

In the set: 

-Retro Dolls Buggy 

-insert into the cart


-manual instruction

Intensive Pink with Black Retro Dolls Buggy is decorated partly with pink dots on the black material. Its perfect for all over 3 years girls who wish to give a good care to their dolls. Retro Dolls Buggy perfectly fit all toys with approximate length of 69 cm. 

Retro Dolls Buggy construction was made from solid and well build from silver aluminium pipes which are connected to each other with black connectors. High quality materials and foam-rubber wheel used to make this products make it easy to maneuver. Big advantage in this model is possibility of adjusting the height of the handle to the girl’s height which make it more safe and comfortable to play with. 

Another great gadget added to this model is wide and deep basket where your child can not only can keep necessary accessory’s but also lovely bag where you can keep baby doll clothes and milk bottle. 


According to the manufacturer’s instructions this product is designed for all kids over 3 and it is packed in an original box. Presented product was made from attested material and is marked with CE Certificate which proof long vitality for this item and meeting all the requirements of European Union directives. 


Technical information:

-retro Dolls Buggy Alice Dimension: 70 cm x 43 cm x 91 cm,

-gondola height: 50 cm,

-handle height: from 53 to 82 cm,

-wheels: 25 cm x 2.5 cm

–wheelbase: 35 cm,

-gondola: 30 cm x 59 cm,

 -bag: 21,5 cm x 20 cm x 9 cm.


Box dimension:

-43 cm x 64 cm x 19.5 cm

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