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R/C Crane Radio Controlled Construction Set 128 cm

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Construction Crane R / C Remote Controlled Crane

Commanding as large an object as a construction crane must be the dream of many a boy passing the construction of skyscrapers. Looking up, she sees a man high up from a small room, with tons of iron and concrete in control. People on the surface are just ants to him!

A toy, remote-controlled crane is a great opportunity to prove yourself in this role. It is 128 centimeters tall, which is a result that is respectable even in adults. The weights can be lifted up and down, the crane of the crane moves forward and backward and the head rotates right and left. The crane is controlled by a wireless remote control, which prevents cables from tangling during play. The main part of the machine is powered by a rechargeable battery charged with the included USB cable. The set also includes goods for transport and a construction worker helmet!

Size of the package:

81 cm x 27 cm x 18 cm.

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