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Multifunctional baby jumper Pink

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Multifunctional baby jumper Pink

The trampoline presented here is a veritable multicentre of play for your baby. This educational, fabulously colourful and multifunctional jumper is a veritable playground for the little ones. The trampoline is made of very high-quality materials that are safe for the child. The infant can turn and jump around in it, which helps to develop agility and motor coordination. The toys placed on the interactive desktop provide fun while developing the sense of touch. All the melodies, sounds and lighting effects that can be activated on the toy capture the attention of the toddler, providing plenty of positive stimulation. There is a switch on the side of the product that allows you to adjust the volume of the sounds to suit the time of day.

The soft seat, located in the trampoline, rotates 360° without restricting the child’s movements. This feature gives your child access to all the attractions on the colourful panel. The adjustable foot rest is made of flexible material, so your child can jump and stomp their feet to the rhythm of the music without any worries. Importantly, to ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety for your child, the trampoline seat can be detached and washed.

What do you find in the jumper set?

– a multicoloured, illuminated piano with numbers, which plays up to 9 different melodies,

and four buttons with animal heads – a dog, a cow, a sheep and a cockerel – which when pressed activate the sounds of the individual animal and pleasant melodies.

The sounds emanating from the toy stimulate the sense of hearing, having a beneficial effect on our little one’s imagination,

– a transparent rattle filled with colourful beads, which is sure to bring lots of fun,

– a swing toy with animals on it, which your baby can play with by moving them,

– a turtle headband with a mirror to help baby see his reflection and strengthen his cognitive and exploratory reflexes. The ball harmonica that comes with the toy is ideal for dexterity exercises,

– a bead-filled flower-shaped headband to stimulate eye-hand coordination,

– adorable, colourful press-in blocks, which develop the baby’s manual skills, regulating the strength and precision of handling objects, as well as allowing them to learn about the colours and shapes of different objects,

The interactive panel has a removable function – it comes with two rubber straps so that it can be attached to your baby’s pushchair or cot, and can also be used on the go.

You can also find the jumper in blue in our range.

Dimensions of the multifunctional trampoline:

– seat height: 52 cm,

– seat circumference: 109 cm,

– leg span: 73 cm,

– table height: 48 cm.

Package dimensions:

71 cm x 58.5 cm x 17 cm

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