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Metal Cars Car 6 Colours

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Models of passenger cars

Cars are the most popular toys which are adored by boys in each age. They are used in various plays, the only boundary is imagination. Having a set of different cars a boy can play in car racing and also car dealer or mechanic. Multitude of plays will certainly make that the child could not come away from his new vehicle.

Colouring variants to choose:

– yellow,

– sky-blue,

– navy blue,

– green,

– red,

– purple.

 We present models of packed apart cars. Each model has solid, metal casing and also plastic, rotating wheels. Cars are on plastic, transparent dais, in which are placed in aesthetic, colourful box with glass-cases/ There are as well passenger cars as racing cars as pick-ups. Colours of cars are very intensive, thanks of what they attract the sight of each boy – cars are decorated with characterstic stickers and numbers, what raises the level of mapping realistic vehicles. Construction of cars is inspired by classic, widely known models – behind front windows there are seats and steering wheel, thanks of what the fun will be certainly amazing. 

 Big advantage of this set is superb performance of cars, on which consist design including the smallest details, also solid and durable material, resistance for frequent play. Cars are adjusted for children over 3 years old, their production is in consistent with EN 71 standard.

Dimensions of cars:
– 7,5 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm.

Dimensions of packaging:
– 9,5 cm x 4,5 cm x 3,5 cm.

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