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Little Chef Pizza and Ice Cream Set 20 pcs

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Little Chef Pizza and Ice Cream Set 20 pcs

Children love pizza and often the biggest secret for them is how it is sliced ​​so evenly. With the toy pizza set, they will be able to serve perfectly sliced ​​pizza with ice cream for dessert!

The Cooking Fun toy set has an interesting solution when it comes to cutting food. In this company’s sets, the pieces of food are joined with Velcro, which allows them to be held firmly together, thus allowing for cutting with the included knives. Thanks to this solution, using the rotary pizza cutter, your child will be able to cut his toy pizza into perfectly even pieces.

The set for serving pizza and ice cream consists of:

– 16 cm diameter pizza, cut into 6 pieces,
– Pizza trays,
– Rotary pizza cutter,
– Spatulas for applying slices of pizza,
– A set of cutlery for eating pizza,
– Two plates,
– Two ice cream,
– Set of 3 sauces.

Size of the package:

53 cm x 28 cm x 5 cm.

The set is sold in a cardboard box with a large plastic window revealing colorful contents, which is definitely eye-catching.

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Težina 1 kg
Pieces per Cartoon

24 szt.


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