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Interactive Dinosaur Battery Operated Tyrannosaurus Green

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Interactive Dinosaur Battery Operated Tyrannosaurus Green

The dinosaur toy is a perfect representation of the huge Tyrannosaurus that lived about 125-100 million years ago.

The toy has a large skull and a massive, muscular structure. It is powered by three 1.5 V “AA” batteries. After starting, the big dinosaur starts to step back and forth. Lighting effects such as flashing eyes only enhance this unusual experience.

A walking dinosaur can not only be a great toy – it will also work as a scientific aid. Thanks to this subject, explaining to the child facts related to prehistory and mythical creatures will be much easier, moreover, it will develop the knowledge and imagination of the toddler, encouraging him to independently acquire information on these topics.

The toy is made of certified material, which is plastic resistant to frequent use. Despite its dangerous appearance, the toy is devoid of sharp and dangerous elements or endings. The colors of the dinosaur refer to its counterpart, which makes the toy more realistic. The dinosaur is packed in a cardboard box from which its silhouette protrudes. We believe that it is the perfect gift idea for a little enthusiast of dinosaurs and prehistory.

Toy dimensions:

– 44 cm x 27 cm

Size of the package:

– 28 cm x 32 cm x 14.5 cm

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