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Foam Bullet Gun Rifle 40 pcs with Big Clip

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Foam Bullet Gun Rifle 40 pcs with Big Clip

Foam guns are dynamic and safe fun for children of all ages. The younger ones will enjoy shooting at the targets, while the older ones will certainly fight each other. Most of these types of toys work by compressing air with a lever or tension, but Roller Rifles are gaining more and more popularity. Inside, there are two or more rollers which, rotating quickly, pull in the foam projectile, throwing it through the barrel.

Roller Foam Dart Rifle is a powerful piece of toy. Its design is massive so it can be held in many different ways. There is a handle under the barrel that allows you to grab the toy more firmly, while the rear part consists of a stock that allows the rifle to rest on the shoulder. The great advantage of the rifle is a large magazine mounted at the bottom, which can hold up to 20 foam bullets. It is made of clear plastic, so you can easily control the amount of arrows remaining to fire. There is a spring in the magazine that pushes the bullets remaining inside upwards to the main chamber connected to the barrel. There is a button under the trigger that must be held while shooting – thanks to this, your child will avoid uncontrolled shots. On the right side of the rifle, there is a sliding window, thanks to which you can look into the cartridge chamber so that in case of jamming it can be easily removed. At the bottom of the handle of the weapon there is an orange hook to which you can attach carabiners for a more comfortable carrying of the weapon.

The set includes a Roller Rifle, 20 darts with a smooth tip, 20 darts with a suction cup and a transparent magazine that holds 20 foam bullets. The toy needs 6 “AA” batteries to work – they are not included in the set.

Toy dimensions:

66.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 7.5 cm,

Dimensions with the magazine installed:

66.5 cm x 35.5 cm x 7.5 cm.

Size of the package:

67 cm x 35 cm x 9 cm.

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