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Dječja guralica Excavator arm – žuta

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Excavator ride-on with a movable arm

The ride-on has been designed for all energetic children who are in several places at the same time. The excavator moves in a very simple way – it is enough for the small driver to alternately push himself off the ground with his legs. The children’s excavator ride-on is a fantastic facilitation for all parents, because it allows weekend walks and trips without having to take the stroller with you.

The ride-on is made of a plastic yellow casing with black wheel additions, a rotating steering wheel, a backrest and a movable arm finished with a spoon. The seat of the toy car is raised – there is a potty underneath.

The use of the presented vehicle for a few-year-old child in everyday play has a huge impact on his development. The ride-on supports the coordination of many parts of the child’s body at the same time, also developing muscles, and what is equally important – supporting the learning of independent, stable walking. Riding the white push-off car will help your child understand what speed, distance and direction are.


The children’s mini-vehicle has been designed with attention to the smallest detail, which greatly affects the positive feelings of the young driver. A solid, yet light and simple construction guarantees great fun for many years. The shape of the excavator ride and the production using the highest quality materials increases its resistance to damage that may occur during crazy fun.

Rider dimensions:

80 cm x 57 cm (maximum arm height) x 28 cm

distance from the seat to the ground: 23 cm

Size of the package:

55cm x 30cm x 30cm

Dodatne informacije

Težina 5 kg
Pieces per Cartoon

6 szt.

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