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Electronic game. Strategic Ships, Ships, Naval Battle

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Electronic game. Strategic Ships, Ships, Naval Battle

Fascinating and addictive game of ships that every parent knows from his childhood. The rules of the game are very simple – the first to capture all enemy ships wins the round.

To start playing, you should sit opposite to each other and spread your suitcases so that the opponent does not see what arrangement the other person has chosen. Each player takes five ships – a destroyer, two submarines, a battleship and a transporter, and places them in a composition of their choice on the ocean board located at the bottom of the suitcase. Vessels may be placed vertically and horizontally, but not diagonally. Once the game starts, you cannot change the position of your ships.

Decide who starts the game. To be able to try the spot the opponent has chosen, we say, for example: 7 – B. The opponent says whether someone has hit or missed. If he is, he has another chance to discover the entire ship.

When the enemy ship is sunk, he gives it to the other person, who places it in a special container in the suitcase. The first person to sink all enemy ships wins.

The ship game set consists of:
– electronic playing field,
– ship sets for both players,
– user manual.

The game is intended for two people over 7 years of age. All the elements that make up the toy, i.e. suitcases and water ships, are made of durable, solid plastic. The toy is made of safe for humans, non-toxic material, thanks to which it is CE certified.


Package dimensions: 42 cm x 29 cm x 6 cm

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