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Electronic Backseat Driver Childrens Kids Realistic Steering Wheel

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Steering wheel – ride stimulant of drive for children 
It is widely known, that children could feel bored very fast, especially during tiresome car journey. Every parents would prefer to avoid this situation, so to prevent this kind of situation we are presenting perfect offer – portable steering wheel for little driver, which in simple way could be installed on the window at the back seat. Toy steering wheel a child can hold in hands, build it stable around the stand situated between her/his legs or even attach to the window, using a sucker. 

It is worth to emphasize that the toy is equipped into a mirror, what makes this toy steering wheel comparable to the illusion to the real one. It also has sound and light effect, accompanying the entertainment. With our toy a baby will feel like a real driver on his own car. 

Buttons placed on steering wheel turning on the functions:
– START/STOP: turning on an engine and ending a drive,
– gear change: changing of the speed with three-grade scale – after each pressing the button the speed changes and the baby drives 20, 60 or 80 km per hour,
– break:break allowing for reducing the speed,
– horn placed in the middle of steering wheel,
– flashing running lights.

Dimensions of steering wheel:
– diameter: 24,5 cm,
– stand: 29 cm,
– mounting with sucker: 31 cm.

Dimensions of packaging:
– 45 cm x 24 cm x 9 cm.

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