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Doll Bogie and Stroller Alice- with Carrier, Bag and Bedding White with Black Dots

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Doll Bogie and Stroller Alice- with Carrier, Bag and Bedding White with Black Dots

If your looking for doll stroller for your little daughter we have hint, go for Doll Bogie and Stroller Alice. It have a lot of a lot of advantages and practical application. Its design speak for itself. Lovely white stroller is decorated with black dots and easily can be change into the a walking stroller.   

Before you choose you should take into consideration child height to make play time more comfortable and possible in all conditions not only at home or playground. Presented model have adjustable handle so your stroller can grow with your child. Construction is made out of aluminium pipes and sheathing from impregnated plastic so you can use it outdoor. 

Whats in the set: 

-stroller Alice


-bedding: pillow and duvet


-manual instruction

Stroller Alice bring attention and it look like a real stroller, with pulled out carrier and option to regulate bolster position. Stroller will be perfect for all types of dolls and other toys your child choose. Also there is a bag in the bag, basket fitted just below stroller where you can keep all gadgets and accessories like childcare products necessary to give good care to your baby dolls and toys. 

This classical variant with carrier have peak which protect your doll from sun. Inside there is a lovely bedding set with pillow and duvet all necessary for comfortable walks. If your daughter decide to walk with doll in a sitting position she can use set belts and secure toy. 

Stroller construction was made from aluminium pipes colored in silver. This material guarantee high quality and solid build. Stroller is fitted on the fourth foam-rubber wheels to make all journeys more comfortable and easy when drive a stroller. That is not everything, as wheels are made from foam and rubber stroller can be use in the house and it wont destroy or scratch your floor. 

This lovely stroller would be wonderful addition to your child collection and allow play the role of caring mum indoor and outdoor. It will also teach child responsibility during walks and it will be great activity. One stroller many possibilities. 

Stroller Alice would be amazing present for all girls above 3 year old. It was made from high tasted materials which guarantee long life of this toy. This stroller have CE Certificate being a confirmation meets the requirements of European Union directives. Kids stroller Alice is packed in original cartoon box with manual instruction. 


-stroller: 67 cm x 36 cm x 67 cm,

-height up to the seat: 32 cm,

-handle height: from 30 to 64 cm,

-wheel: 14,5 cm x 3 cm,

-wheelbase: 30 cm,

-gondola: 21 cm x 45 cm,

-carrier: 38,5 cm x 22 cm x 10,5 cm,

-bedding: 27 cm x 22 cm,

-pillow: 14,5 cm x 22 cm.


Box dimensions:

– 36,5 cm x 44,5 cm x 14 cm.

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